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    I apologize in advance for the somewhat sketchy details - I'm writing this from a very poor memory as I'm writing this from home!


    We're on XI 3.1 SP4 - last week we put in an updated version of a universe as supplied by the vendor, using import wizard. Today a number of users reported being unable to open Deski reports in InfoView where they receive the above error when attempting to do so (Cannot open document. - Error during import. (DX0005) (Error: INF)) - users are able to open Webi documents without receiving any such errors.


    Importing the universe, access restrictions didn't carry across but have been rebuilt and surely doesn't explain this error.


    I've seen the below post:



    but am reluctant to make any changes as there have been no changes made to any security or privileges as far as I know. Does anyone have any idea of what might have happened to explain this - you'd imagine it's related to importing the updated universe and security as administrator is able to open both type of documents fine.


    Once again, from memory, the old universe was copied to a backup folder using universe designer before the new universe was imported using import wizard. The new universe was then imported into universe designer, saved under the same name as the "old" universe and exported back.


    I haven't found much in the way of log files that would seem to be of use. The below shows one entry which doesn't tell me anything other than the document fails to open...



    2013/06/13 05:26:04.856|>>|E| | 4372|6880| |||||||||||||||Document not yet opentd - open it

    .\krepfilemgr.cpp:466:long __thiscall RepFileManager::DownloadWithAttributes(class BOString &,bool,bool,class BODirectory *,class BOString &,class DocAttrInternal *&): TraceLog message 20

    2013/06/13 05:26:04.856|>>|E| | 4372|6880| |||||||||||||||RepFileManager::Download : GetCmdStatus fails

    .\kbolapp.cpp:1347:long __thiscall BOLApp::InternalOpenDocument(const char *,bool,struct _BOOpenDocStructure &): TraceLog message 21

    2013/06/13 05:26:04.856|>>|E| | 4372|6880| |||||||||||||||m_repFileMgr.Download failed"



    Any help and suggestions are much appreciated.


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    Universe changes should and will not affect openning of a deski document, unless those docs are set to refresh on open and are based on such universe.


    Can you import this docs into Deski client from repository and refresh them ?

    What if you then save report back into repo - does it open in Infoview ?

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    Hi Denis,


    Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I tried importing a document into Deski, refreshing and exporting back to the repository but am still getting the same error as before. Could this really be a security issue:



    "Now you might find this very strange, but the resolution to this issue was to grant the Everyone group the following rights under Applications -> Desktop Intelligence:
    - Log on to Deski and view this object in the CMC
    - Copy to Clipboard
    - Retrieve Documents
    - Refresh List of Values
    - Deski report interaction
    - Deski document interaction
    - refresh deski document
    - refresh list of Categories


    Still haven't tried the above as I don't understand how importing an updated universe would require additional privileges to be added to be able to access documents that were available prior to the "upgrade".


    Any help is much appreciated.




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    you should try the steps just to see if they make a difference, if they resolve the problem, then you cvan start figuring out why or who made changes to the rights to introduce this issue.

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    1. Is it your XI3.1 SP4 DesktopIntelligenceCacheServer up and running and where is the Cache Files Directory set? %DefaultDataDir%/DesktopIntelligenceCachingServer/temp?


    2. Is it DesktopIntelligenceProcessingServer up and running and where is the Temporary Directory set? %DefaultDataDir%/DesktopIntelligenceProcessingServer/temp?




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    Thanks Dennis and JinChong.


    I might try those steps today, will post back when I have.


    DesktopIntelligenceProcessingServer and DesktopIntelligenceCacheServer are both up and running and using the default path. Interesting you would ask though as at one stage, some time ago now, we were unable to refresh any reports at all, deski and webi, with some obscure error thrown. This turned out to be because of the path being too long for the temp directories - though this showed up in the log files and can't see anything along those lines now.


    Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.